Trust is the new currency.

Complete transparency from seed to shelf is our only way forward. 

About Us

We are a Nashville-based local hemp marketplace founded by a shared commitment and passion for Tennessee agriculture, a love for our local farmers, and a belief in the potential for cannabis.

When 2019 partnerships with hemp processing facilities were limited to non-existent and responding to local farmers’ need for a fair market, Goodlettsville, Tennessee natives Meaghan Scruggs and Matthew Edwards organized The Harvest Club – Farm Direct. 

The marketplace presented our participating farmers an opportunity to educate, foster beneficial relationships, advocate a “know your grow” philosophy of consumer awareness and provide consumers insight to the growing processes from soil to oil. Due to COVID, physical hemp marketplaces have come to a halt and required adaptation to online.

How do you convey trust found at a marketplace to the world wide web?   

The Harvest Chain Virtual Marketplace is an Agricultural Blockchain Software service, connecting farmers with technology. A decentralized, immutable, time-stamped distributed ledger empowering stakeholders to build a comprehensive network of compliant resources for consumers.

Supply Chain members differentiate their products and build Trust in their brand through transparency.  The plant’s journey is verified, through documented, uploaded and shared actions of good agricultural practices, special techniques that make their product unique, and best management practices. Gain access to global markets, expanding brand’s footprint.  Transparency brings an added value to products, in turn increasing the farmers return. Access to this information now gives consumers the information they need in order to make informed purchasing decisions. Improve yields and scale growth utilizing environmental sensory data uploaded from iOT weather stations in the field.

Our Mission

To provide agriculture resource management, traceability, and transparency  

To strengthen small farms while increasing global market demand for hemp as a reliable agricultural commodity 

To use ground truth and predictive analytics to improve crop quality, regulatory compliance, manufacturing practices, and export policy

To promote environmental stewardship and social equity


Our vision

The streamlined collection, storage, and export of information through distributed ledgers creates a demand responsive futures market built upon reliable predictive analytics. Aggregating the outputs of small farms to competitively meet diverse P2P, B2B, or global contract demands adopted in the hemp industry pioneers impactful consumer engagement advancing good management standards in all agricultural commodities.





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United, we can build an industry that encourages GAP
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